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Every lesson shapes a life through Kingsbridge Teacher Training

Kingsbridge SCITT Governance Information (Sept 2020 to Aug 2021)

In 2015 and 2012, Ofsted rated Kingsbridge Teacher Training to be 'outstanding' for both our primary and secondary teacher training provision, the highest accolade achievable.

Governance is overseen by Community First Academy Trust. Our lead school is, Platt Bridge Community School, the founding school of Community First Academy Trust, a successful multi-academy trust that works in partnership with a large number primary and secondary schools across the North-West.

The core principles of good governance is:

  • clarity of purpose;
  • openness and transparency;
  • integrity;
  • accountability;
  • effectiveness.

To view Community First Academy Trust's statutory governance information, please click here.

Kingsbridge Headteacher Board (HTB)

Community First Academy Trust's Governing Board is supported by a Headteacher Board (HTB) made-up from Kingsbridge partner school Headteachers.

The HTB takes a responsibility for ensuring the training leads to very effective and well-trained teachers. All the members of the HTB committee share a long experience with, and commitment to, Kingsbridge and initial teacher training.

The Kingsbridge Headteacher board (HTB) :

  • Serves as the key link between the schools, trainees and the Trust.
  • Champions the work of Kingsbridge local and nationally
  • Advises the Trust in the development of its strategy.
  • Advises the Trust as they plan the development of Kingsbridge and represent the views of partnership schools within decision making.
  • Provides challenging but positive and proactive support on teacher training.
  • Maintains a Register of Business Interests and ensure probity in all its dealings.
  • Ensures the delivery of Trust/Kingsbridge policy and procedures
  • Discharges responsibilities and duties as outlined with the trust Scheme of Delegation.

Current HTB members are as follows: 


School / Trust

Noted Declarations of interest (as of 30/04/2019)

Sue Darbyshire - ex-officio

Community First Academy Trust

Chief Executive Officer | National Leader of Education | Executive  Headteacher - Community First Academy Trust

Andy Pollard

Mosaic Academy Trust

Chief Executive Officer | Executive  Headteacher - Mosaic Academy Trust

Lindsey Barker

Standish Community High School

Head of School - Standish Community High School 

David Worthington

Worsley Mesnes Community School

Headteacher - Worsley Mesnes Community School

Emma Lightfoot

Leigh St. John's C.E. Primary School

Headteacher - Leigh St. John's C.E. Primary School

Gill Leigh

Marsh Green Primary School

Headteacher  - Marsh Green Primary School

Helen Phillips

Bedford High School

Headteacher - Bedford High School

Jane Chambers

Greengate Academy Trust | Orrell Lamberhead Green Academy

Chief Executive Officer | National Leader of Education | Executive  Headteacher - Greengate Academy Trust 

Trustee - Community First Academy Trust 

Director - CFAT International Ltd (Dormant Company)

Sara Lawrenson

Ince CE Primary School

Headteacher - Ince CE Primary School

Julian Grant

Shevington High School

National Leader of Education |  Headteacher - Shevington High School

Michael Gaskill

Marus Bridge Primary School

Headteacher Marus Bridge Primary School | Employee - The Rowan Learning Trust 

Sue Pittendreigh

St Catharine's Primary School, Wigan

Headteacher - St Catharine's Primary School

Rebecca Gough

Woodfold Primary School

Headteacher - Woodfold Primary School

Tim Sherriff

Westfield Primary School

 Headteacher - Westfield Primary School  

Mrs M McCarthy

Beech Hill Community Primary School

Headteacher - Beech Hill Community Primary School

We believe our training should be of the highest quality and we continually seek continuing improvement. HTB headteachers and schools play a significant, and often leading, role in the design and delivery of training provision. 

The HTB are responsible for advising and challenging the activity of the SCITT inline with the Trust's Scheme of Delegation reporting back to Community First Academy Trust's Board of Trustees. The Scheme of Delegation identifies the charitable trust's key decision-making authorities. It also determines the functions undertaken by the Board of Trustees and those which have been delegated to the HTB by the Board of Trustees. HTB Meetings generally take place on a termly basis at the Kingsbridge Training Center. 

The HTB meetings are led inline with the adopted Scheme of Delegation and by: 

Name Title Noted Declarations of interest
Jen Machaj  Director of SCITT  Employee Kingsbridge Teacher Training
Carly Bozdo─čan  Primary Training Manager Employee Platt Bridge Community School 
Kirsty Green 

Secondary Training Manger

Employee Shevington High School 
Marie Collier 

Trust Wide Clerk 



The 2020-21 Headteacher Board meeting dates are as follows:



15th September 2020

Full Headteacher Board meeting

 10th Nov 2020

Headteacher Board working party 

26th January 2021

Full Headteacher Board meeting (progress review 2 updates)

 10th March 2021

Headteacher Board working party 

11th May 2021

Full Headteacher Board meeting (progress review 4 updates)

 9th June 2021

Headteacher Board working party meeting

13th July 2021

Full Headteacher Board meeting (progress review 6 updates)


Class of 2021 Graduation / Celebration Evening


The following ‘get into teaching’ information events have also been arranged in support of Sept 2021 recruitment/enrollment. 

  •  Wed 7th October 2020 – 3pm to 5pm
  • Tue 2nd Feb 2021 – 3pm to 5pm
  • Tue 20th April 2021 – 3pm to 5pm
  • Tue 20th April 2021 – 3pm to 5pm